Rosalina Capuleti (My Story)


“And then they were all dead, apart from me. I could go and marry a Montague, say Benvolio, and nobody would notice.” – Rosalina

The time has come for Rosalina Capuleti to finally divulge the “true” version of events and share her involvement in one of the most famous love stories ever told. On a mission to help women find and, more importantly, keep their lovers, Rosalina will take the audience on a journey of struggle and self acceptance: from Romeo falling for her and Juliet sabotaging the whole thing, to how she has survived her true love’s death and the tragedy that shook the very foundations of Verona. The show is centred on the dialogue between the character and the audience. Rosalina will test her theories on the audience, look for comfort in their embrace as well as training them with her set of rules and mantras.

The show has been scratched at The Tristan Bates Theatre in October 2016 and Deadline (Show Us Your S**t) in May 2017.