Mad In Itali (Installation)

mad in itali

“Mad In Italy” is an installation based on a social Italian emergency: “the rubbish issue”. As newspapers report: “Piled up on the streets of Naples and its province, lie thousands of tonnes of rubbish, uncollected and now rotting in the heat wave, which has soared through southern Europe. Authorities scrabble to find temporary waste dumps”. While “more than 10,000 tonnes of trash have piled up in and around Italy’s third biggest city as available dumps are near saturation point, and the only existing incinerator is still not working at full capacity”, the Italian government lacks finding solutions to the problem. This is a visual project aimed to provoke and move the Italian and Worldwide opinion on the issue. Using the myth of Atlantis as a starting point a man – representative of the Italian population – submerged by rubbish bags, tries to get out of this world and from chaos to create a possible order. What he ends up with is the Italian flag: the order our country has managed to build up appears disastrous to young generations. Audience members will have the chance to write and record their opinions on Italy which will then be integrated in the following performances. We are Italian and we are proud of it. We are a democracy with an amazingly modern constitution and we can’t accept to keep reading the news from all over the world about Italy being a “rubbish country”. We are young foreigners in our country but Italians abroad. We all belong to this matter. We are all merged into it. Why do we keep accumulating and hiding? Can we turn rubbish into an opportunity?Can we make a change? We will. Because it is our problem. Because it is our country. Because it’s green white and red the colour of our flag.