Worldly Women

(meditations on food)

food for thought

I’ve never met anyone whose words were better than a good lunch”, Dino Campana.

Through original music, intertwined with moments of storytelling and songs of the past revisited and moments of storytelling, “Food For Thought” aims to be a homage to women beyond feminism and theories. An exploration of the female condition through food: if certain models of our society have turned food into an enemy rather than an ally, the enjoyment of it still remains a way of overcoming the torments of life. Hosted by a prestigious intellectual and gastronome of the past, the show promises to be a fantastic evening of intimate music and storytelling, an experience of genuine exchange between performers and audiences.

Food For Thought” has been presented at Vault Festival 2014, London


With: Stefano Ancora, Cecilia Gragnani, Clare Langford, Guillaume Laroche, Emma McCabe, Giulio Romano Malaisi, Greg Miller, Madelyn Swallow, Ryan Wichert

Lighting Designer: Ryan W Funnell

Stage Manager: Victoria O’Neill