Expat Underground

“… generations of men and women going abroad to see their talent realised. To make whatever dream come true. Leaving, always. But what stays is the distant love for a land that could be but is not and perhaps will never be.”
Roberto Saviano

Expat Underground” tells the comic story of the clash between Cecilia, a modern migrant, and London, contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Europeans.

This project aims to dramatize some of the effects that current social transformations have on the lives of people: the impact on everyday life, on relationships, on the perception of space and time, on the realm of choices, inspired by the real testimonials. We try and shed a light on a generation in a bulimic search for experiences, constantly searching for satisfaction and freedom, a search that absorbs everything while people’s lives get more and more isolated and elusive, moving towards a mirage of freedom whose outline gets more and more elusive.

“Unless you happen to be not human, it’s hard not to love Expat Underground”

“When a show arouses this kind of empathy it not only proves its worth, but the worth of theatre as a medium, a medium that allows people to connect with their most honest selves, and reminds us that, when it comes to feelings, we all come from the same place.”

A first work in progress showing of  “Expat Underground” has been presented at the Tristan Bates Theatre in December 2017 as part of “12 Days of Christmas” ( and at Applecart Arts as part of London’s Voila! Festival ( the 10-11-14th of November 2017. It has previously been scratched in June 2017 in Italy at “IT Festival” ( and in London, after a one week residency, at “Scratch Night of Home” at Theatre Delicatessen (

Supported using public funding by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND.

Project Details
  • Writers:: Cecilia Gragnani & Jvan Sica
  • Director and Dramaturg:: Katharina Reinthaller
  • Photos by:: Gianluca Riva - Dissolvenze Lab & Rebecca Need-Menear
  • London:: Steve Wickenden