Miles Apart Together

“I think the most vicious thing I ever saw in all my life is a woman on a bicycle – and Washington is full of them. I had thought that cigarette smoking was the worst thing a woman could do, but I have changed my mind.” – Sunday Herald, 1891

They said she couldn’t do it, but Annie, Bessie and Junko could.
From going around the world on a bicycle to doing spectacular airshows or climbing the highest mountains on earth, Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky, Bessie Coleman and Junko Tabei fought the prejudice and scepticism that surrounded them. 
Their achievements became milestones in the path towards women’s rights and freedom, challenging the assumption that the “fairer sex” lacks the physical and mental stamina for big deeds. But their adventures were as breathtaking, spellbinding and phenomenal as their male counterparts. Where are their stories now?


Short Extract
17th February 2019, Fem Fringe Vault Festival

Scratch Performances
7th November 2018, 7pm Etcetera Theatre
10th November 2018, 6pm Etcetera Theatre
11th November 2018, 7.45pm Etcetera Theatre

Project Details
  • Director & Dramaturg: Katharina Reinthaller
  • With:: Emma Dennis Edwards, Cecilia Gragnani & Meguri Kubota