Article 50 (Short Film)

Article 50 is a short dark political comedy offers a stark insight into how the so called ‘hard Brexit’ could affect relationships in the not too distant future. While playfully highlighting a British world without IKEA, Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Cliff Richard…

Teaser trailer:
Short film:
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Twitter: @Article50Film

Best Trailer at Around the Corner Film Festival
Nominated for Best British Comedy at Winchester Short Film Festival
Euro Shorts International Film Festival
12 Days of Christmas Film Festival

Project Details
  • Writer: Paul Davidson
  • Director: Marcus J. Richardson
  • Producer: Cecilia Gragnani
  • Cast: Paul Davidson, Cecilia Gragnani, Sally Davey, Ali Nakeeb, Sophia Eleni, Nick Sellers, Dean Kilby, Ryan Wichert