Franca Says No

“I do not love you, I will not marry you”. With her NO, Franca Viola changed the course of justice and opened the path for other women to follow.
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Expat Underground – (ITALIA)

VINCITORE DEL “PREMIO DEL PUBBLICO” e “MENZIONE SPECIALE DELLA GIURIA” al Festival Inventaria 2019: Lo spettacolo è disponibile all’interno del circuito TEATRO X CASA:   “… generazioni di uomini e donne che per vedere il proprio talento vanno all’estero. Per realizzare qualunque sia il proprio sogno. Si va […]
  • Autori: Cecilia Gragnani, Jvan Sica & Loredana de Michelis
  • Supporto Drammaturgico: Laura Pozone
  • Regia: Cecilia Gragnani
  • Con: Cecilia Gragnani
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Miles Apart Together

“The air is the only place that is free from prejudice” – Bessie Coleman They said she couldn’t do it, but Annie, Bessie and Junko could. From going around the world on a bicycle to doing spectacular airshows or climbing the highest mountains on earth, Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky, Bessie Coleman […]
  • Director & Dramaturg: Katharina Reinthaller
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Diary of an Expat

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ BROADWAY WORLD ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ THEATRE WEEKLY   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ LONDON THEATRE 1   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  YOUNG PERSPECTIVE Faced with an uncertain future, an expat shares a decade of living in the hinterland between being British and Italian. DIARY OF AN EXPAT is a solo show, directed by Katharina Reinthaller (Labels, Fringe First Winner 2015), telling […]
  • writers: Cecilia Gragnani, Jvan Sica & Loredana de Michelis
  • director & dramaturg: Katharina Reinthaller
  • performer: Cecilia Gragnani
  • special guest: Steve Wickenden
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Rosalina Capuleti (My Story)

“And then they were all dead, apart from me. I could go and marry a Montague, say Benvolio, and nobody would notice.” – Rosalina The time has come for Rosalina Capuleti to finally divulge the “true” version of events and share her involvement in one of the most famous love stories […]
  • Written and performed by:: Cecilia Gragnani
  • Directed by:: Colin Watkeys
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Food For Thought (Meditations On Food)

“I’ve never met anyone whose words were better than a good lunch”, Dino Campana. Through original music, intertwined with moments of storytelling and songs of the past revisited and moments of storytelling, “Food For Thought” aims to be a homage to women beyond feminism and theories. An exploration of the female condition through […]
  • Written by:: Paper Smokers
  • Video by:: Martina Moor
  • Original music by:: Cecilia Gragnani
  • Movement director:: Mala Cherga Theatre
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Mad In Itali (Installation)

“Mad In Italy” is an installation based on a social Italian emergency: “the rubbish issue”. As newspapers report: “Piled up on the streets of Naples and its province, lie thousands of tonnes of rubbish, uncollected and now rotting in the heat wave, which has soared through southern Europe. Authorities scrabble to find temporary waste dumps”. […]
  • By:: Chiara Bello & Cecilia Gragnani
  • Date:: 2011
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Avrei voluto fare del cinema…

“Avrei voluto fare del cinema…” is the story of the difficult love between Cesare Pavese, one of the greatest 19th century Italian writer and poet, and the American actress Constance Dowling. The play is based on the letters and diary of Cesare Pavese together with a theatrical adaptation of some of […]
  • Director: Daniele Gaggianesi & Cecilia Gragnani
  • Dramaturgy: Paper Smokers
  • Actors:: Daniele Gaggianesi, Cecilia Gragnani, Marta Isabella Rizi, Sara Urban, Fabio Zulli
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Last Blues, to be read some day

“I met a woman once, who told me a striking story about a love. Tonight we wnat to tell you her story. So here we go with our Last Blues”. A 40s microphone, two glasses of whiskey and a guitar. A typewriter, a screen and a suitcase. The scene is […]
  • Opening:: September 2008
  • Written by:: Cecilia Gragnani & Sara Urban
  • Directed by: : Cecilia Gragnani
  • With:: Daniele Gaggianesi, Marco Giongrandi, Cecilia Gragnani & Sara Urban
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