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Miles Apart Together – Podcast

Three historical female adventurers sit down for a live recording of a podcast and to assess their role in the world. As an increasing number of women take on top roles in politics, tech, sport and be…

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Worldly Women (Podcast)

WORLDY WOMEN is a podcast co-hosted by Cecilia Gragnani & Ana Torre about immigrant women and their stories. We interview women from all walks of life and we talk about how immigration has affecte…

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Maze Without Walls (Music Video)

MAZE WITHOUT WALLS is an animated music video that gives an introspective look at the invisible barriers that we create for ourselves. Available at: FESTIVA…

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Article 50 (Short Film)

Article 50 is a short dark political comedy offers a stark insight into how the so called ‘hard Brexit’ could affect relationships in the not too distant future. While playfully highlighting a Bri…

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When He Loves (Music Video)

WHEN HE LOVES is the second episode of “The Funeral of my Expectations” music video trilogy. After finding her husband in a burlesque club as the star of the night, we follow our heroine&#…

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