We are a collective of storytellers founded in Italy by Cecilia Gragnani and Sara Urban, then expanded in London when Cecilia moved to finish her training in 2008. We focus on new writing and comedy. 

Our name comes from a poem written by the Italian writer Cesare Pavese. If you want to know more about him and read his poetry check out:

Our work, developed in both countries, includes theatre, music, installations, visual arts and film. We strongly believe in the value of international collaboration and the coming together of artists from different backgrounds as precious tools to interpret today’s world. We’re great fans of irony and humour in stories as we think they are often invaluably helpful in relating to the deepest feelings with a magic lightness.

Our work includes: “Last blues, to be read some day“ (Italian Tour); “Mad in Itali” (finalist at the Premio Arte Laguna, Venice); “Oh, If I’d been a screenwriter…” (LaMama Spoleto Open International Festival); “Lie under the sheets” in collaboration with Mixed Up Productions (Old Vic New Voices); “Food For Thought” (Vault Festival London); “The Funeral of My Expectations” (Award winning music video trilogy) and the short film “Article 50” in collaboration with Mini Mammoth Films.

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