Diary of an Expat TOUR DATES

27th March, 7.30pm – ELECTRIC THEATRE, Guildford

2nd – 5th April, 7.30pm – ALPHABETTI THEATRE, Newcastle

24th – 27th April, 7.45pm (matinee 1.30pm) – TRISTAN BATES THEATRE, London

11th – 12th May, 4.30pm – RIALTO THEATRE, Brighton Fringe

14th June, 7.30 pm – ST MICHAELS CHURCH Poole Road, Bournemouth

15th – 16th June, 7.30pm – THE CELLAR THEATRE, Sheffield

18th June, 8pm – LUDLOW FRINGE

21st June, 7.30pm – PHOENIX, Exeter

8th – 9th July, 7.30pm – KINGS ARMS, Greater Manchester Fringe

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The name PAPER SMOKERS comes from a poem by Cesare Pavese

D’un tratto gridò / che non era il destino se il mondo soffriva, / se la luce del sole strappava bestemmie: / era l’uomo, colpevole. / Almeno potercene andare, / far la libera fame, rispondere no / a una vita che adopera amore e pietà, / la famiglia, il pezzetto di / terra, a legarci le mani. 

(Cesare Pavese, Settembre 1932)

Suddenly he shouted that it wasn’t fate / that made the world suffer, / that made men curse the light / and the day they were born. / The trouble was man, it was man’s doing. / At least we could pull out, / we could starve to death in freedom, and say No / to a life that makes use of love and family and pity / and a little plot of land to tie us together, / and shackle our hands.

(Cesare Pavese, September 1932)

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