The ladies of MILES APART TOGETHER are back!

Three women. Three continents. Three extraordinary tales of achievement.

From going around the world on a bicycle to doing spectacular airshows or climbing the highest mountains on earth, Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky, Bessie Coleman and Junko Tabei fought the prejudice and scepticism that surrounded them. Their achievements became milestones in the path towards women’s rights and freedom. Their adventures were as breathtaking, spellbinding and phenomenal as their male counterparts. Where are their stories now?


Between the 17th and the 22nd of March MILES APART TOGETHER will be at Vault Festival at 6pm with a matinee at 3pm the 22nd of March.

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Community Centres Tour

Between November and January we’ll be sharing the second stage of development of MILES APART TOGETHER in community centres around London. Here’s our calendar:

21st -23rd November, 7.30pm – Draper Hall, Elephant & Castle

11th December, 2.30pm – Ted Roberts House, Bethnal Green 

12th December, 7.30pm & 11th of January, 4pm – St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green

15th of January, 7pm – Keddlestone Walk Community Centre



Once again the glorious ARTS COUNCIL is supporting our work and will help with the second stage of development of our show MILES APART TOGETHER on female explorers. More news soon on the team and where to see it. 

Expat Underground a Teatro x Casa

EXPAT UNDERGROUND fa ora parte del circuito Teatro x Casa, in catalogo da poter ospitare nelle vostre case in tutta Italia.

Ricchi Premi e Cotillon!

EXPAT UNDERGROUND vince il Premio del Pubblico e la Menzione Speciale della Giuria al Festival Inventaria.

Diary of an Expat as part of MIGRATION MATTERS

We are proud to have been part of Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield with our show “Diary of an Expat”

The name PAPER SMOKERS comes from a poem by Cesare Pavese

D’un tratto gridò / che non era il destino se il mondo soffriva, / se la luce del sole strappava bestemmie: / era l’uomo, colpevole. / Almeno potercene andare, / far la libera fame, rispondere no / a una vita che adopera amore e pietà, / la famiglia, il pezzetto di / terra, a legarci le mani. 

(Cesare Pavese, Settembre 1932)

Suddenly he shouted that it wasn’t fate / that made the world suffer, / that made men curse the light / and the day they were born. / The trouble was man, it was man’s doing. / At least we could pull out, / we could starve to death in freedom, and say No / to a life that makes use of love and family and pity / and a little plot of land to tie us together, / and shackle our hands.

(Cesare Pavese, September 1932)

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